XLR8 Media's core competencies revolve around marketing. However, we set ourselves apart from the competition by embracing the true meaning of "Total Solution Provider" by offering a wide array of outsourced services, including:

social media and video marketing;
customer support and client services;
broadcast management including voice, fax email, and direct mail;
product creation, website design and software development

In order to build your business successfully, you need the necessary tools and services to build a solid foundation.

XLR8 Media Inc. provides these tools and services. We achieve this by doing extensive research, testing and analysis to drive Internet traffic to our client’s websites.

Not only do we cater to start-up businesses but to established businesses with a long track record of marketing both online and offline. We are forever updating our knowledge base and breaking new boundaries with innovative marketing tactics.

Shipping & Fulfillment
Transcription & Product Creation
Multi-Variant Split Testing
Direct Mail Marketing
Lead Generation

Press & Media Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
SEO Strategies
Affiliate / JV Coordination
Live Video Broadcasting